Devil's Dwelling

Devil's Dwelling is a lounge inspired by Capcom's Devil May Cry series. This little lounge is run by owner Trish Tsukikage and some of her closest friends. A lively, exciting lounge, we run on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9pm to 12am EST (8pm to 11pm CST, 6pm to 9pm PST). We are located at The Goblet Ward 24, Plot 34 on Malboro. (Closest Aetheryte: Goblet Exchange Subdivision)


Owner: Trish Tsukikage of Malboro.
This lovely owner is just 29 years of age, female, and is very much straight. They are a fun loving miqo willing to help others on their own adventures and with crafting. Don't try to take advantage of her or else you will get several people on your ass. Check out her carrd for more info at:

Dante Valentine of Malboro.
Dante is a classy bun who enjoy the simpler things in life, a good pizza, a lovely strawberry sundae, slaying monsters, and enjoying spending time with family and friends. They are single, non-binary, and prefer both sides of the divide aka males and females.
Check out their carrd at:

Lulu Sky of Malboro.
Lulu is a 22 year old pansexual female and owner of The Carbuncle Cafe. Married to the amazing Zara, this bun is just returning to Eorzea, but is giving working and owning a club another try. She's a very talented bun who knows her way around the dance floor and is willing to kick some major ass for family. Don't piss her off.

Frost Loverfalls of Malboro
This tiny lala is 20 years old, female, and very much single but is also a feisty little thing. Just try and mess with this lala, and she'll take your Nico Nico Kneecaps.

Our Staff


Azure Nero of Malboro
This receptionist is partially known as "Dead-Weight," or the "Legendary Dead-Weight." This snarky asshole enjoys stealing his aunt's pizza along with going huntin for devils. He's a 25 year old, male miqo'te who is perfectly straight thank you. He's a rookie receptionist though, so give him time to learn, he won't disappoint.

Vladimir Vale of Goblin
This overly hot catboy is 23, bi (with a male-leaning,) and one of our receptionists. He enjoys flirting and messing around and loves to have a good time. He loves sweets, fashions, and cats, but hates spicy foods along with liars and those who make powerplays. He also really hates horror movies as they scare him.
Find out more about this adorable and sexy catboy through his carrd at:


Damien Blight of Malboro
Damien is a tall, 23 year old bouncer Xaela who is always trying to pay off his massive debts, but also find time to go and destroy corrupt gods and demons. He loves to sleep and does it a lot. Don't let that foul ya though. He can and will kick your ass if its needed, lazy or not.

Ettie Morden of Balmung
This badass cat is just 29, loves a good fight, and is never afraid to get down and dirty. Perfect for a bouncer, don'tcha think? Born in Limsa Lominsa, this chica is Heiress Sanguine of the Sanguine Pirates. Try not to piss her off. It won't end well for anyone.


Dash R'ho of Malboro
This Miqo is just 23, Male, and straight. He is a firm believer of "It's only drinking on the job if I get caught." which here at Devil's isn't an issue. This catboy is also quite the smartass when he wants to be and is very sassy to boot.

Benefice Westknight of Malboro
Bene is a talented bartender and one of the newest acquisitions of Devil's Dwelling. He says he is 28, but whether he actually is or not, he is still very talented at what he does. He is a returner to the XIV scene and is slightly new to the RP scene, but really he doesn't act it. He's here for Chaos and Cookies, but seems to have run out of Chaos.

Gareth Gandara of Malboro
Gareth is a 326 year old Elezen for all he looks to be in his late 20s, and is an expert in what he does. He is also a new member of Devil's Dwelling's staff, but he won't bite. He is very much straight, and as he has said he will do, he will cleanse the world of evil through the shadows.


Khatriya Schade of Balmung
This pretty kitty is a 25 year old sexy cat, who prefers the name Khat to Khatriya. Is both the owner of a tavern as well as the Matriarch of a Crime Syndicate. She doesn't take shit from anyone (much like most of the DD staff and management.) A mother of three, she is protective of those she loves.
Check out her carrd at:

Zeromus Feyrbrand of Brynhilder
Zeromus, or Zero to friends, is of the Ascian/Amaurotine people, and one of few who survived the calamity in someway. He is not like the ones we have come to know through our adventures though. The host body he resides in, compared to his actual age, is just 30, young in comparison to his nearly 200 years of age. He does have a family, although due to who he is, he doesn't have very many if any feelings towards them. He is a talented dancer though, despite all that, and is also a talented bartender. Don't hesitate to chat with him, for this catboy, host body or no, is very much a scholar.

Check out his carrd at:

Wren Lanari of Balmung
This Hroth is very friendly and personable when he wants to be. Threaten his friends and family, and he will be on your ass faster than you can blink. He is a very cuddly catdad unless provoked. Born in Limsa and raised in Ishgard he learned from some of the best when it comes to Machinist.

Lumia Misaki of Mateus
Lumia is a 22 year old, bisexual catgirl who loves to collect minion and is an overall badass. She loves catbois and wants them all brought to her, but is somewhat willing to settle if that can't happen. She is a Physical Ranged DPS main, specifically in Dancer and Machinist, and is hilarious when she wants.

Doe Peep of Malboro
This cutie Au Ra is so adorable and utterly cute. Doe loves the fun side of life and enjoys hanging out with friends!


Natalya Le-Raine of Malboro
Natalya is a pretty little Au Ra who is madly in love with her wife Sariah. This little cutie is 23, loves reading, raiding, and eating pizza, and will hurt those who hurt the ones she cares about. Don't piss her off or else she will be after you.

Mana Kurogane of Coeurl
Mana is an adorable, cute, utterly sweet Raen Au Ra who is just 21. She is bi-curious and ready for tons of fun! She is half-blind so do be careful when you approach as she might not see you right away, but she says that it isn't as bad as it sounds. She enjoys crafting and gathering so if you need help, you can always ask her. Need 1k Popotos? Go ahead and ask!


Our services are currently minimal, but will grow as we do.

VIP packages:
Package - Monthly: 100k a month with each additional person added to the package costing 50k. These packages get you 50% of all food and drinks as well as getting you 1 free 30 minute RP session with a dancer of your choice. VIPs will also be allowed admittance into the club 30 minutes early.

Package - Daily: For 50k a night, you get all the benefits of the monthly VIP, with 25k extra for each additional person added on.

Mundus' Throne:
Take pictures for free on the King of Demon's throne. Located on the highest floor of Devil's Dwelling, this throne is used as a way to relax and lounge around even for the Princes' of Hell, Vergil and Dante, sons of the legendary and late demon king Sparda.

RP services soon to come! Stay tuned for those!

Contact Us

You can contact the owner, co-owner or any of the head staff through our discords or in-game. You can also check out our Discord, Twitter, and Instagram for updates regarding the club, when we are open, and our rules.